a website dedicated to promoting the true Christian ethos

Christian TV Ireland was founded by John Malone. It will include programmes from all the Christian faiths in Ireland.
Here you will see news and entertainment from a Christian perspective.

The headings below will become active in due course


Each day a selection of ecumenical
services from which to choose.

Music & Song

Christian music, song and chant as
background sound during


Talks and lectures from such
distinguished people as Fr Fulton Sheen.


Appropriate films for a general

Prayer Time

Rosary, benediction plus other
ecumenical services.


A selection of interviews from well
known personalities.

Family Theatre

Films and documentaries such as
those of Fr Patrick Peyton.

Children’s Programmes

Films of interest for younger age groups.

Wide Appeal:

On this site, people of many
persuasions, religious preferences,
and none, are guaranteed clarity of
thought. Viewing will be void of
salacious content, which appears in
much of today’s secular media.
Those of every age are assured that
their sensitivities are fully respected.

Important Issues:

There is a very broad canvas,
embracing a wide range of issues;
lifestyle, health, living, religion,
politics, entertainment and much

Highest Standards:

Core values are truth, integrity and
the maintenance of high standards in
every sector of life.

These Assurances:

It is the well-founded confidence in
the high moral standards espoused
by this site that has resulted in
donations from all quarters. This ethos
is sought after and applauded by so
many who want to support the cause
enthusiastically and financially.

John Malone:

His mission in life is to create and
maintain an all-embracing Christian
website. One which provides easy
access to principled morality content
and guidelines for a truly fulfilling
way of living.

About John Malone

The early years

John was born in Dublin. At eight years of
age he moved to Boyle, County
Roscommon when his father, a member of
An Garda Siochana, was stationed there.
He completed his secondary school
education with the Presentation Brothers in
nearby Carrick-on-Shannon, Country
Leitrim. After secondary school he worked
in administration in a major garage in

Emigration – TV experience

Opportunities were few and after three
years like many others of his and other
generations of Irish people, he tasted the
bitter cup of immigration when he had to
move to London. There he worked with
London Underground and the fledgling
rival to BBC, Independent Television; thus
at close quarters and before many others
he perceived the influence a controlling
few could have for good or ill on the
shaping of public opinion and mores.

Built His Own Business

In due course he returned to Ireland and
for the next couple of decades he was in
sales traversing the country in succession
selling to the beer trade or selling
insurance or animal feed stuffs. Eventually
he went into business on his own in the
latter sector and over twelve years he built
up a thriving company. Subsequent to
selling that he eased into the quieter waters
of retirement.

Built and fostered relationships

Over the course of his working life John
developed a great regard for the owners,
operators and staff of Irish family
businesses. People who at the outset were
his customers quickly became firm friends.
He came to see that the small family
businesses were pillars of rural and
suburban Ireland and the conduit to fair prices for Irish farmers and producers. Which in turn gave real value to the consumer.

Disenchanted by developments

From extensive travel he saw how that
pillar was valued on continental Europe
but year on year his dismay grew as he
saw it disregarded by Ireland’s
modernizers and misguided new thinking.

A rallying call to others

He is now establishing CTVI as a platform
where likeminded people can congregate
and work towards re-establishing a true
Christian ethos. It will have particular
appeal to the diaspora and all who yearn
for a truly Christian way of life.